【Event】We want you! New version of Demon Slayer costumes experiencer!

【Event】We want you! New version of Demon Slayer costumes experiencer!

Hello Everyone!

We are excited to bring out the new version of Demon Slayer costumes today with the new upgraded fabric,more refined tailoring and the amazing price. This event is for recruiting the costume experiencers(maximum 50 people),  we will not only upgrade your the shipping to express shipping for free, but also send cash back after you finish the event missions like writing review, upload photo and video!

Let's see the details!


🔥Event Time🔥

25-30 Jun pt ,when the number of participants is full,the recruiting will be closed. But others can still buy the new versions of Demon Slayer costumes with favorable new product price during the sale.


🔥Why participate in this event?🔥

If you are 1 of the 50  experiencer for the new version Demon Slayer costume:     

1. After you finish the event missions, you will get max 50% cash back for the costume you ordered. What's more, we will upgrade your shipping method for free. Compare to the original price of one full set costume in the daily life, you will save $30 or more.                                                       

2. For high-quality cos photos, we will provide brand featuring display, the display area includes but is not limited to product page display, store homepage, FB / Ig main pages..We will credit your account name.


🔥How to participate in this event?🔥

Step 1: Order the new version of Demon Slayer costumes(Haori, uniform or Haori+Uniform are all ok), don't forget to write the note: "Demon Slayer New ver. experiencer!" In order to send your package out asap, please do not order with other items especially the presale items.

Step 2: If you successfully participate in the activity, we will have a staff to contact you within 3 working days for the details. In the meanwhile, we will upgrade your shipping method to express shipping like DHL for free.

For example, you can choose the cheapest shipping method and we will upgrade the shipping method for free.                                                           

Step 3: After you receive the costume and finish the event missions: 5 star rating+200 words photo review+video like unboxing, you will receive 50% cash back based on the costume amount you ordered.

For example, if you order the new ver. full set Nezuko costume and participate in the activity successfully, you will get $20 cash back when you finish the missions. Please notice,  If you buy more than one set of costume but produce exactly the same or highly similar content, such behavior will be judged invalid

Event Q&A

Q: How can I know if I participate in this event successfully?

A: Receiving the email from us within 3 days means you have  participate in this event successfully. 

Q: I just saw this eventQAQ Can I still participate now?

A: When the number of recruits is full, we will update in this article, and we will also update in our FB/IG homepage. If you don't find THESEinformation, it means you can still participate.

Q: When are you going to send out the orders?

A:  We will send this batch of order out on 1-6 Jul. Because of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday here, our checking and delivery work will be delayed for several days, please understand.

Q: I don't know what to do after I receive the costume, what should I do?

A: Don't worry! As we mentioned that if you participate in this event, our staff will contact you, you can also reply that email to ask the questions.

If you have any more questions, you can leave the comment here or contact us via Facebook/IG/Email.

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Hola muy buenas tardes hace unas horas adquirí una pre venta del sexy bunny de shinobu, si lo adquirí también aplica la nueva versión experimental de disfraces de demon slayer?


Isn’t there a new version for Mitsuri costume as well?


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