【Costume Introduction】K/DA All Out Akali costume details

【Costume Introduction】K/DA All Out Akali costume details

We have released the details of Evelynn+Kaisa+ Seraphine(2 versions) in the past few days, you can check their product pages for more info like the price and wishlist event. In this article, we will introduce the details of Akali's costume and Ahri's will be post tomorrow!

Here are the photos of this costume:



Let's check the coat first.

The coat is in the style of a motorcycle jacket, we use the laser PU leather as the main fabric. The material is a little bit harder than the normal fabrics and the lines are sharp, with the light blue laser reflection, the overall look has a strong sense of future technology.

The lapel of the coat is decorated with three rows of gun colored metal rivets, and on both sides of the coat, there are silver zippers as decoration (can be opened, but there is no pocket inside).

The back of the coat is also one of the highlights. The embroidered chapter is customized after the designer completes the detail drawing. For the upgraded version, PU+ glitter +Dark brown glossy leather with scale pattern+Blue-green python scale leather will be the material.The eyes, teeth and chin part will all be made of gold-silver lines embroidery which has a strong visual impact.

The sleeves of the jacket are made of blue laser stereoscopic leather

The inner top is a sleeveless bra with an elastic band at the bottom.

According to the interview with the designer, the design of this part is one of the highlights of this costume. Compared with using the the flat fabric, our designer adopts the design of filling cotton inside to restore the details of Akali's model.

The material in this part is not completely blue. Its surface has some blue and purple laser light. However, due to the shooting angle and ambient light, you may not be able to see clearly in the pictures here.



The main part of the pants is made of black elastic imitation leather and there are blue-purple elastic fabric on the both sides of legs for splicing.

The belt is made of silver white laser PU, double-layer thickened, and the end is made of pearlescent leather with fillings inside.



First of all, we would like to introduce this bag. There are two straps on the back of the bag with velcro that allow you to fix the bag to the belt.

The main body is blue PU leather + EVA, and the edge of the bag is decorated with silver pearlescent leather. On the front of the bag, we decorated it with metal nails and made a gem with colored PU.

This bag can be used in daily life. There are 2 snap buttons and the interior space of the bag is enough for you to put down small items such as mobile phone and  wallet. This functional design is to take into account the needs of users to shoot photos outside or wear to the exhibition.

Triangle eardrop + black metal ear clip


【Important Info】

Above are the details introduction for K/DA All Out Akali costume, same as other K/DA series, we also have the wishlist event(24-26 Nov PT):

-add to wishlist amount reach to 40--extra $3 off, BF pre-sale price will be $57
-add to wishlist amount reach to 60--extra $5 off , BF pre-sale price will be $55

You can find the product page in our store now--"Black Friday New Arrivals"

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