【Costume Introduction】K/DA All Out Kai'sa costume details

【Costume Introduction】K/DA All Out Kai'sa costume details

Last week, we introduced Evelynn's costume to you and it was glad to see that many people love it. In today's article, we will write some details for Kai'sa's costume from K/DA All Out.

Let's check the photo of the costume.



We used black laser leather for the main body of the top(front side), a high-stretch spandex mesh on the chest and hand-processed metal nails.The blue laser leather on the chest is bright in color and straight in shape. The collar is made of colorful leather like the sleeves, which not only has a flashing color, but also has a strong three-dimensional surface. 

The back part is one of the highlights of the design. We use the stretch leather, and at the same time adopt the design of elastic band. This design can provide with larger size adjustment space.



We used silver high stretch leather as the main fabric, this material not only has laser color, but also has great elasticity, which can fit the leg well.

There are many small details on this pants:

For example, the 2 belts are made of black textured leather, which has a flickering effect under the light.


Sleeves and accessories

We received a lot of suggestions from users before about the material of the sleeves: shiny but not flat-our designers thought the same. So we finally chose this material:

For the sleeves, it has elastic leather on the inside for elbow movement and zipper for easy wearing. What’s more, there’s also an elastic band inside to help you fix the position. The upper part of the sleeve is made of leather with four decorative diamonds, which are fixed on the elastic mesh to ensure the shape and enhance the wearing comfort.

At the end of the left-hand sleeve, we use leather to cut and sew into a gem shape.

And here are some accessories:


【Special Content】

We also had a short interview with the designer JM.


Q:What are the highlights of this costume that you like?

A:Personally, I like the design of the top, because the adjustable range is quite large. The two pieces of blue leather on the chest are also my favorite parts- I like the color. Oh and I love the belts.

Q: What are the difficulties in making this costume?

A: First I think it’s the choice of the pants’ material. We want a fabric with silver laser color+soft+ high elasticity, we hope this material will be more comfortable to wear too. We checked many materials and in the end we chose the one you see now.

(A part of the fabric samples for Kai'sa's costume)

Another part is the sleeves I think. While choosing the material, we also received some suggestions from our users. Now this version of the material will look brighter and better shape than ordinary printed fabric, but we took some time to find it, so I also want to say thanks to our users for their patient waiting. And you see there’s a spliced part on the sleeve with stretch leather, In the original version, there was no such design. We collected the wearing experience of some employees and finally decided to add this in order to make it easier for the movement.


【Important info】

1. The product page will be released later with photos and price, the pre-sale will be opened on 27 Nov PT, the first day of our Black Friday Sale

2.We will have a small event later(22-24 Nov PT):
-add to wishlist amount reach to 40--extra $3 off for this costume
-add to wishlist amount reach to 60--extra $5 off for this costume
(you don't need to do anything, we will reduce the price in the product page)

Thank you very much for your time to read! If you have any question, feel free to send us the messages~

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