【Costume Introduction】K/DA All Out Seraphine costume details

【Costume Introduction】K/DA All Out Seraphine costume details

Yesterday we posted the details of The Starry-Eyed Songstress Seraphine and today we will introduce you our second Seraphine costume--K/DA All Out ver.

The whole set of costume refer to the game's character modeling and official splash art, let's take a look at the costume photos.



The leather material of the upper body has a sense of skin texture,compared with ordinary smooth leather, it can reflect soft colorful laser light. According to the designer's description, the  upper body part was cut up to about 20 pieces, and stitched together to restore the modeling details. 

We use the same high transparent soft TPU as the skirt on the shoulder. The designer mentioned that this is a very difficult part due to it's special wave shape.

The hardness of this material is moderate, so it is very conducive to making a more three-dimensional shape. At the same time, this material has the Illusory color,  the visual effect of different angles is excellent.

We add the velcro on the back of theneck part which is convenient for users to wear.

The designer not only left the adjustable range at the back waist, but also used the adjustable Velcro design for the thick leather belt.



The black pleated skirt has a hard mesh inside, which can provide a certain degree of fluffy. We use elastic belt design at the waist of the skirt, which is convenient to wear and leaves a large space for adjustment.

The material of the outer decorative skirt is consistent with the shoulder decoration. Considering the actual wearing demand, we use the elastic belt + button design for the outer decorative skirt.

We interviewed the designer, the material selection in this part mainly considered the overall modeling and visual effect of the skirt: the crease of this material is easy to recover, and the visual effect of wavy fold is also the best among several materials we tested.



In order to maintain the visual unity of the overall effect, some accessories use the same material as the upper body part, such as the arm rings:

Hair accessories+ Ear clips

Stockings are made of elastic leather. There are elastic bands on the top and two pairs of bandages on the side, which can be wound by users.

We also made the back prop of the costume, which is composed of transparent acrylic plate*1,  acrylic strips *4 and hexagonal bipyramid *4--to facilitate installation, we left an opening in the bottom of the bipyramid.

【Important Info】

Above are the details introduction for K/DA All Out Seraphine costume, same as other K/DA series, we also have the wishlist event(23-25 Nov PT):

-add to wishlist amount reach to 40--extra $3 off, BF pre-sale price will be $57
-add to wishlist amount reach to 60--extra $5 off , BF pre-sale price will be $55

You can find the product page in our store now--"Black Friday New Arrivals"


If you have any question, feel free to send us the messages~

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