【Costume Introduction】K/DA All Out Evelynn costume details

【Costume Introduction】K/DA All Out Evelynn costume details

Hello everyone!
First of all, thank you very much for your patient waiting. We took sometime to check the K/DA All Out series’ details and the sample costumes have been finished. Today I'm very excited to introduce you Evelynn's costume. In the end of this article, there is a short interview with the designer.

Let’s have a look at the costume.



After carefully looking at the details,we decided to use the laser leather with scale texture as the main body fabric of the coat, this fabric can present different colors in different lighting and shooting angles. This kind of leather has a very advanced texture and it’s harder than ordinary leather so it will make the shape of the coat better. At the shoulder, we referred to the in-game model design and we adopt special cutting and splicing techniques to make the overall line looks strong and sharp. This design is in line with Evelyn’s temperament of “Queen” and “Villain”.

We use Milan mesh mat and transparent TPU in the upper part of the chest cup, which can improve the layering of this part. All the rings in front of the chest are made of metal and the hanging rope is connected to the leg band-the length can be adjusted.


The main body of the skirt is made of the dark leather with lines.This kind of leather has a metal drawing effect under the light, which is slightly shiny, delicate and a little bit elastic.

For the stitching part of the skirt, we used laser leather with snake scale pattern which has laser reflection under the light.



This time we made a luxury version of the tail. The volume is as close as possible to the original design, which is large but gorgeous. Black bright leather is used on the surface, silver mirror leather is used for the frontmost part of the tail and cotton is filled inside the parts to increase the three-dimensional feeling.

What’s more, we use the purple leather to make gem shape in the middle, which looks very glossy. The tail has wire inside so it can be shaped according to your demand.



So for the hand armor, we used the silver mirror leather as the base material. In order to make it easy to wear, we divide it into: two rings + one claw for each finger. The material of the middle finger is special and there are rhinestones as the decoration.

(The middle finger design in this picture is not the final version, please see the final version below)

According to the role setting, we prepared two decorative bracelets,the surface of the wide bracelet is a diamond cut design and another one’s surface is is smooth.

【Special Content】

We also interviewed JULY(one of the designers in charge of this costume) and asked for some questions you might be interested in.

Q:What was the biggest difficulty in designing the costume?
A:From a design perspective, I think it should be in the shoulder part. You know we want to make this costume as “slay” as Eve.
And.. except this, I think another difficult part is about the material chose. I think we checked about a hundred of fabric samples? You can see the samples here.During that time, I closed my eyes and my mind was full of various of fabrics;.;  In the end we chose about 6-10 material to test and view the effect and after that we decided the material for the final version.

Q:Some users asked about the choice of materials for skirt and bras, can you talk a little bit?
A:No problem! We saw the same questions from our clients before and we actually thought of using a kind of shiny leather(shiny but no elasticity). But we think the overall matching effect is not as good as the current version and we were worried about the elasticity-We have to consider the actual wearing experience. Btw this material of the final version is actually more expensive haha. In conclusion ,considering the visual matching effect and actual wearing requirements, we chose the current materials.


Q:Is there anything else you want to tell our users?

A:Hmmm well my colleagues and I spent a lot of time looking at game modeling, MV, posters and so on. For me I really enjoyed the process of designing and making this costume, which was both a challenge and a love for the character. I'm looking forward to bringing you this costume, but I also feel a little nervous to see the feedback... Anyway, I hope you like this costume, and we will continue to work hard :D


 【Important info】

Many people are asking about the release date, here is the schedule:

1. Evelynn's costume pre-sale will be released on 27 Nov PT, the first day of our Black Friday sale

2. We will have a small event on 22-24 Nov PT:

-add to wishlist amount reach to 40--extra $3 off for this costume

-add to wishlist amount reach to 60--extra $5 off for this costume

(you don't need to do anything, we will reduce the price in the product page)


Thank you very much for your time to read! If you have any question, feel free to send us the messages~


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I would like to thank Uwowo and all the little precious hands and heads that worked on this set. The final result is gorgeous.

I noticed with the spirit blossom set that you made a huge improvement on League of Legends accuracy and details and it is really a pleasure. The attention you have for your customers is seen and is really appreciated.

Thank you for all the hard work on Eve (and the other costumes obviously). I was considering to buy Ahri at first depending on how accurate it was but seing the quality on this set I will definitely buy Eve too ^^ .

Have a great day everyone!


Absolutely LOVE how Evelynn looks so far. Will you also make her stockings? And are the claw and bracelets part of the main set? I imagine the lashers/tails to be a different set


Hi, I have a question. I really loved the cosplay, the fabric textures and colors and I´m a huge fan of league of legends and Evelynn. I noticed the detail of the black part in the inner part of the sleeves and if I buy the cosplay, can I ask for that part to be the same as the iridiscent fabric and maintain the black in the sides of the body?

Thiare Ugarte

To the designers, you did an amazing job!
And thanks to the sellers for listening to your clients and give them this super awesome quality dress!! Love it!


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