Notice for Uwowo Cancelled CosPlan

Thank you for all your concern in our upcoming costumes! We have collected some of the questions in the comment section, hope it will sort out your questions about our Cancelled CosPlan.
How were costumes discontinued?
How does our pre-order work?
How do we choose our costumes?
Why always Genshin?
What about SG-league of legends series?
In the past several months, we have made tests on how the poll system could work better. We have made Rosaria Alt, Demon Slayer bride series, Chii Pink Bow, 2b fanart design and Ayato etc,. based on the free vote in our first poll system. The free vote is not %100 accurate. Some of them are doing fine, some don't, like Rosaria Alt

How were costumes discontinued?

Rosaria Alt, Eula JK, Raiden Shogun JK uniform and Genshin Ball series has been discontinued after being made for we are unable to reach to the mininum order in the first pre-orders. Except for the costumes that have already been discontinued, some of the costumes may also been discontinued soon. We probably won't sell the costumes anymore after the first-batch in-stock. 

How does our pre-order work?

We deisgned and made the costumes by ourselves. So we usually placed the order from the factory based on the amount of the first pre orders. There is a mininum order required by the factory.

How do we choose our costumes?

Our team is only be able to make 10-15 costumes per month. To make sure our team efforts won't become useless, we are very cautions about what costumes we should make. 
That's why we started to use the poll rule this year. The poll rule is simple and equal to all series. We mostly make what people vote combining the votes here and Uwowo CN. 
We are still adjusting the poll system and figuring out how to do better.

Why not other costumes but always Genshin?

We were used to be called FGO exclusive store. If you have read here, you'll find out that the question is actually not about Genshin Impact, it could be any cosutmes. Any costumes could be cancelled if there are not enough people like it whether in the first pre-order or later.

What about SG-league of legends series?

Back to the SG-league of legends series most of you have been concerned in our comments. From our test on Ocean Song Seraphine Prestige, only 1 people who placed the order of $1 early vote actually bought it and used the code. We are not sure when the rest of the people would use the code since they didn't come to us for the refund on the costume.
We'll do our test again on SG Kai'sa, our team would reconsider the SG-league of legends series if it is doing well in our first pre-order.  [For those who paid $1 and refunded, you would still hold the discounts.] 

Future Plan

We would love to bring diversities but sadly not all costumes from our poll can make it to the end. If you are interested in our future projects or you have any ideas about our poll system, DM us or join our IG group. *Approval required to join. We'll check your IG page first.
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