【Event】UWOWO 7th Anniversary Sale 2021: Event details introduction

【Event】UWOWO 7th Anniversary Sale 2021: Event details introduction

Uwowo’s 7th Anniversary is coming! In this article we will introduce you the event details.

Discount: Costumes Up to 50% off

New Arrivals on 24 Apr: Genshin Impact | The Combat Maid | LOL | FGO..20+ new costumes, 10+ wigs and Genshin Impact props.

Event Lasting period: 24 Apr-30 Apr Pacific Time

 To help you better understand this event, you can also check the UWOWO 7th Anniversary Sale Event - Google Sheets

1. Basic Info

*Double U Coins earning.

*Free shipping for order over $270

*Discount code

$77-$3: 7ACS3

$177-$7: 7ACS7

$277-$15: 7ACS15

$477-$30: 7ACS30


2. Giftcard back

24 Apr PT Only

*Extra 7% giftcard back for order in the first 7 minutes(shipping fee not included)


3. Special offer

Genshin Impact

Purchase Rosaria/Hutao/Ganyu costume, get a free wig!

*Add to wishlist amount reach to 50, get a free wig for 3 days(APR 24~APR 26 PT)

*Add to wishlist amount reach to 77, get a free wig for 7 days(APR 24~APR 30 PT)

( 1 costume get 1 wig, for example buy Rosaria's costume get Rosaria's wig | No need to add the wig to the cart, order this day and we will add the wig in your package)


Extra Gifts

* One Extra Gift(Paimon Figure) for order with the largest purchase amount

* First 10 order Genshin Impact Swords, get one same sword key chain  

* First 50 order Genshin Impact Series, get stickers


The Combat Maid

Purchase costume, get discounts!

*Add to wishlist amount reach to 30-extra $3 off (APR 24~APR 30 PT)

*Add to wishlist amount reach to 50-extra $5 off (APR 24~APR 30 PT)


Extra Gifts

 * First 50 purchase Combat Maid Series, get Combat Maid Acrylic Stand


Special Bundles

Combat Maid Costumes(Spade+Heart+Club+Diamond): $277

Combat Maid Costumes+Wigs(Spade+Heart+Club+Diamond): $330

*free shipping(some countries not included)+all sets included


Fate Series 

 * First 50 purchase Fate Series, get a badge



Wigs Discount

5% off for new arrival wigs


Wig Special Bundles

For each wig bundle, please leave the note for the wigs.

$35: 3 wigs (limit 5 per day)

$55: 5 wigs(limit 5 per day)

$105: 10 wigs(limit 5 per day)


4. More Extra Gifts

24 Apr PT

*Special birthday gifts for all

26 Apr PT

* Free Re:Zero mug for the first 20 orders

28 Apr PT

* Free random wig *1 for the first 20 orders

30 Apr PT

* Free T-Shirt*1 for the first 20


5. Random Free Order

25 Apr PT / 27 Apr PT/ 29 Apr PT

We will choose one free order randomly on this three day and offer the full refund after you receive the package.


6. Flash Sale

Gift Card Flash Sale(limit one item per purchase)

23 Apr PT

Purchase $0.1 for $1(limit 50)

Purchase $1 for $3(limit 50)

Purchase $3 for $5(limit 50)

Purchase $5 for $10(limit 50)


Birthday Card Flash Sale(limit 1 per day)

$777 for 12 costumes

You can choose one costume every month or accumulate the costume into next month, please note that the shipping cost not included.


Costume Flash Sale(Only 1 pcs for each size/each costume)

25 Apr PT: 2:00am/20:00pm

27 Apr PT: 2:00am/20:00pm

29 Apr PT: 2:00am/20:00pm


*Please note that the special bundles(The Combat Maid Series+wigs ) and special birthday card does not participate in any other events like free gift, giftcard back, if you order the bundle with other items, when calculate the giftcard, we will deduct the bundle amount.)

The giftcard back sending work will starts after the sale, the winner list will be announce here and FB/IG too. We reserves the right of final interpretation.

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