Costume Proposal

Can I propose cosplay ideas?

Sure, We would love to hear from you. You can share your Cosplan to IG story and tag @uwowocosplaybd. We will reshare your story and start polls on IG and consider to make some of the top votes into costumes directly.

@uwowocosplaybd is a private account.

Follow Requirements

  • Have or will have at least one Uwowo cosplay costumes within one year- We'll check your IG feed or you can DM us your order number to @uwowocosplay if you are private account.


Story Requirements

  • Check previous story highlights first! We won't share same or similar stories if they didn't get many votes previously.


  • Please indicate character's name+anime/game name. For fanart, please indicate artist's name. 


You can also nominate any fanart design costumes to us for a chance to win 50% off (limit to Uwowo-team-unknown-fanart design only).