【Arrival Info】November 2021 Arrival Products

The following presents the arrival dates of our November costumes, wigs and shoes. 

Some of the products showed in this page may not be in stock at the moment as we have to fulfill the previous orders first. 

Please check the related product page to find out if they are in stock. There might be delay updates for certain products. If you are not sure about this, you can inquire our online service or email us.


Honkai Impact Asuka
(for previous orders)

Nov. 11-12

Mostly are Wigs
Genshin Lisa Halloween


Nov. 10

Demon Slayer normal uniforms
Genshin Mona costume XL/L
Hutao costume M&XL
KDA-ALL OUT Evelynn costumes
KDA-ALL OUT Seraphine costumes


Nov. 09

BINDing Sexy Lingerie Set Uzuki costume
Genshin Lisa costume
Gura shark costume
Re:Zero Echidna costume


Nov. 08

Genshin Baal costume first batch 
Klee/Xiangling wig
FGO Astolfo Cosplay Wig 100cm
FGO Astolfo Cosplay Wig 60cm
Hilicurl costume


Nov. 06

Gura Catshark wig
Genshin Hutao wig
Genshin Ganyu/Mona wig
FGO Shuten Douji wig
FGO Eresh wig
Demon Slayer Kamado Tanjiro wig 
Demon Slayer Kamado Nezuko Cosplay Wig
NEKOPARA Vol.1 Chocola Lingerie costume


Nov. 05

Genshin Eula wig
Genshin Baal / Beidou/ Eula/ Rosaria/ Fischl/ Mona/ Xiangling /Dilcuc/Yanfei/Jean shoes

Nov. 04

Genshin Yae Miko wig 
Genshin Yoimiya wig 
Genshin Hutao wig 
Genshin Ganyu wig 
Genshin Mona wig 
Princess Connect! Re:Dive Miyako Izumo Initial Cosplay Wig
Spirit Blossom Kindred Eternal Hunters Cosplay Wig
FGO Ereshkigal Cosplay Wig


Nov. 03

Genshin Yanfei costume #1491
(all in stock)
Genshin Rosaria wig #0725
Genshin Venti wig #0676
Demon Slayer Kamado Tanjiro wig #052
Demon Slayer Kamado Nezuko wig #051

Nov. 01~Nov. 02

Demon Slayer Swords
Genshin Impact Baal wig #0756
Genshin Impact Eula wig #0730
FGO Ibaraki Doji Cheongsam Ver #1495
(all in stock)

The products haven’t been mentioned are still on the way and we will provide updated notices on the related product page or our social media. Once the costumes are in stock, your package will be processed within 24~72 hours. We will send you a shipping confirmation email with tracking number. If not, please contact us.
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