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I absolutely love this cosplay! I got my exact size and it fit me perfectly! i really LOVEEE how it comes with 2 different socks omg tysm its like i get to chose if i wanna be more comfortable! only issue i had was with the small decals on the shirt coming off as a sewer i could fix the yellow part but the words vocaloid will just have to be rewritten 💔 STILL LOVE THIS COSPLAY THO ITS SO HIGH QUALITY I COMPLETLY RECOMEND ~ pixellpez

Pretty boots

The size was a more-or-less fit for me but it might be better to take a full-size up. I was in-between on size so I took the larger size of the two but it still fits a bit tight.

Quality is good and they look sturdy. If you need black boots, go for these!

Pretty Good Cosplay

The quality of the cosplay is good for what you're paying for. Some items needed a bit of adjustment like the sock clips. But the clothing all fit me~ I was surprised the ring was included tbh Anyways, we'll see if the cos can fare the 3 days con coming up ahead!


I really love this cosplay. the material isn't too warm for conventions and it's good quality (nothing has fallen apart after wearing it for 2 full days of con). my only issue is the sizing, I understand it is hard to fit someone exactly, but just be careful to measure yourself correctly as the shirt on mine fits perfectly around my waist but there is a lot of room around my shoulders and chest. this is probably my error when measuring as I was so excited to order it 😅


I love this wig it is very soft. very good for the price

disappointed.. 3

was super excited to receive this cos because i had a lot of really good experiences with them, but this time unfortunately had me really disappointed. the whole outfit fits really strangely, despite my mesurements being accurate. everything fit me well, except for the leg part + gloves. im about 47kg and 155cm, and the leg part was dangling near my knee, as well as the gloves being extremely tight on my fingers.

the extra belt parts to the cos were really confusing and did not latch at all in according to the costume. the collar for your neck was HUGE!! it was so clunky i couldnt wear it without it poking me in the chin.

overall, everything was really made poorly. really disappointed with this order.

Buy it.

The wig quality is great, it's easy to style cuz of layers and doesn't get ruined by crimping. Be careful cuz it's a Miku wig and it will get tangled easily even if you don't do much in it (just like any other very long wigs) soo buy it ദ്ദി(˵ •̀ ᴗ - ˵ )

Buy it.

It's perfect, it fits perfectly and the socks don't slide off so it's great. You should get a size up tho, just to be safe. In summer it gets hot when you wear it bc of the material, but tbh it's not that bad as it could be soo yea, buy it now ⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝

Miku cosplay

Very cute cosplay! I was worried it wouldn’t fit my bust but it worked well!

Many details

Loved all the parts and details of the cosplay. The pattern in the fabric is very nice and adds so much more to the look.

Fit well! No issues with trying on all the piecrs, everything fit well and wasnt too heavy to wear.

It's amazing!!!!

I absolutely love it, definitely recommend

Very cute!

For refrence I am 5'0 (152 cm), 74 cm bust, 69 cm waist, and 85 cm hip and 100 lbs (~45 kg)
I bought the size small and it fits quite well! the fabric is a strenxh material so i was able to get it over my hips just fine, although i took it slow to make sure i didnt tear it. Otherwise I have no concerns! It fits quite well and comes with the elastic straps to keep the one stocking and the suit itself up. If you have wider hips / more butt than I do or even around the same amount it does leave a bit hanging out but not enough to make me uncomfortable. You likely will need an assistant to get into this costume as there is a corest backing aspect to it that I could not do on my own. Overall a very good costume and i feel very pretty in it! (The headband is not pictured because this was just a try on test but i did receive it and its very cute)

The quality is very good and no problem with the delivery

Incredible 10/10

I love this costume this is now my favorite ever!!the quality are amazing thank you for your amazing work cosplayer name: clarawyy

Very good!

So the cosplay is overall very nice and good quality looking:D it's just that my zippers aren't really sliding smoothly but it's only that, I'd not recommend wearing it on a hot day for too long cuz you really sweat a lot in this cosplay 🥲- Sacha._cos

The bang is kinda long but overall a super good quality wig!

It’s super good quality and it looks amazing in every aspect!

So many compliments at conventions!!!

Beautiful and well made, every detail thought of. I’ve spent much more in the past for much poorer quality costumes. I can highly recommend this <3

Identical to photos!

Lovely fit - even with my bigger bust size, excited to do a shoot in this cosplay! Thank you uwowo🫶

So cute!

This cosplay is so cute! It fits perfect 😍😍
Insta: @juzoarima

Amazing but no pants!!

I really really love this cosplay!! The quality is amazing.
It has very pretty fabrics which also have amazing quality.
Another great thing about this cosplay is that it comes in rather big sizes and the upper part is also very stretchy!
One thing that annoyed me though was the fact that there wasn't any shorts included. Navia does wear shorts but the Cosplay not having shorts wouldn't be a problem if you couldn't see EVERYTHING on the back. If you plan on buying this cosplay I'd recommend getting some shorts with lace/ lace to add to a white safety short.
Other than that my only issue was that the 3D printed parts weren't sanded, it doesn't matter too much tho, as these parts still look very pretty.
Overall the Cosplay is very much worth the price! The quality is amazing and the only things that are sorta bothersome are easily changeable.

yae miko wedding cosplay!

wore this to AX 2024, got a lot of compliments! it was so cute and pretty. i am 5’7, 140 lbs, and got the size L. the outer skirt piece was slightly too big, so i had to use fashion tape to secure it to my hips. the two longer pieces on each side was also sometimes a hassle, as my friends would occasionally step on it lol. the lacing on the outer back also requires someone to help you, so keep that in mind before buying this cosplay. the outer skirt, while being sheer, actually covers the hips part pretty well, so if you’re on the fence due to the how revealing the bodysuit generally is, just know that the skirt does a good job at covering the bits!! it was generally very comfy and i had no problems getting through the long expo day, and i really can’t wait to wear it again!

Comfy set !

This set is super cute and easy to put together the only problem for me was the mesh lingerie but I also have really big breast otherwise 10/10 !

Good costume, poor packaging.

I ordered this and was excited for it to arrive. Had planned for it not be ready to ship until July following their description. It was sent earlier than expected and when it arrived I see why. The package was covered in hot glue that had dried over multiple areas of the costumes. It. Pieces arrived completely damaged and warped. Made very clearly in a rush. I was advise against the armour pieces for this costume and look elsewhere. Customer service offered me a $15 refund (which was £11 for me) which was appalling for the price I paid. Won’t be eager to buy their preorders again.