Brand Story


Stage 1:  A young brand called Uwowo Cosplay

Established in 2013, the emergence of Uwowo Cosplay has brought new strength to the development of cosplay industry. We focus on the high quality costumes and props while offering the affordable price and the great service. 


Stage 2: Top 1 and more!

We opened the stores on Tmall and Taobao that time and gained almost a million followers in 5 years. In 2016 and 2017, we became the Top. 1 in the Chinese cosplay market based on the sales data.

In 2016, we also released our new platform-- It's a platform connect the designer and the clients. Up to now, Huamoe has gained more than 16,000 painters/designers to offer amazing works.Belows are a part of the  projects we participated in:

NetEase: A female ghost, the cold water, meteor butterfly sword

Perfect World Entertainment:The devil, swordsman, dream set Cygnus

Giant Interactive Group Inc.: Inuyasha - Battle of Nero, weapons of the Twelve Gods

What's more, we also collab with more than 40 conventions like the ChinaJoy and ComiCup.


Stage 3: Overseas market, a new start

1st Apr 2016 is a special day to us because we created the FB mainpage that day--That's the day we met you. In the past 3 years, we gained more than 40,000 followers on FB and 45,900+ followers on IG. Everyday there are more and more people join our cosplay community which make us so grateful.

We opened 4 stores to offer our costumes to the cosers live in different countries and we are always try best to offer the great service because every client is important to us.  It‘s also very delightful to collab with many cosers from the world.


Stage 4: Future, with you

It's never an easy thing to build a community from nothing  but we are happy that you were here. There is a long way for us to go and we hope you will be here in every moment that can be remembered.