Uwowo Character

"Uwowo" is actually the name of two characters.  


Birthday: April 18

Constellation: Aries

Age: 16 years old

Sex: Male

Blood type: O

Height: 172cm

Representative color: #ef5662

Personality: malicious 腹黒い

Occupation: cosplay clothing store owner

Expertise: cooking, ACG culture

Hobbies: coslpay, Chinese traditional culture, roasting birds(Wowo)

Favorite food: Chinese food

Least favorite thing: losing Wowo

Partner: "Wowo"




Birth date: Unknown

Age in shape: 6 months

Sex: unknown

Height: 20m (not counting hair)

Representative color: #f85f51

Personality: dual personality of the bird, can be cute or bitchy

Specialty: becoming a humanoid in Uwowo to design amazing clothes one month a day

Hobbies: secretly prank "U"

Favorite food: any sweet food

Least favorite thing: exercise

Mantra: If I don't lose weight, I won't be able to fly

Partner: "U"

Characteristics: The dull hair on his head changes shape with his mood









Uwowo in Chibi Form