【Event】Uwowo 8TH Anniversary Sale 2022: Event Details

【Event】Uwowo 8TH Anniversary Sale 2022: Event Details

Uwowo has been with you for 8 years! Thanks for your support and love to Uwowo. In this article we will introduce the event details to you.

1. 10+ New Arrivals

Genshin Impact Maid Series

Genshin Impact Venti Bunny Ver

Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato

2B Black&White Wedding Dress 

My Dress-Up Darling Marin Kitagawa Halloween Ver

......and more.


2. Free Shipping

*Free shipping for order over $400 (USA, DE, PL, FR, IT, UK) - during Anniversary Sales only

*Free shipping for order over $500 (most countries)

The following regions and countries are not included:

Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Chile, Peru, Serbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, Uruguay, Iceland, South Africa, Qatar, UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Brunei, Vietnam,  Cambodia, Myanmar, Reunion, Bolivia, Algeria, Belarus, Bangladesh, Argentina (Puerto Rico and remote islands from USA)

*Please note that cosplay weapons doesn't apply to free shipping. You can find the notice on the product page.


3. Discounts

Costumes up to 65% off, wigs and props 5% off

Discount Code

$69-$3: UWW3

$99-$5: UWW5

$199-$10: UWW10

$299-$15: UWW15


4. Cash Back in Giftcard

8% cash back - 24 APR.(SUN.) PT Only 

*Extra 8% cash back in Gift Card for order in the first 8 minutes


$5 giftcard back - 25-30 APR. PT

$5 giftcard back for the ORDER NUMBER ending in 8 (e.g. #UC****8)

*Please note that shipping fee are not included. The orders from Upcoming Costumes section are not included. The gift card rewards will be sent out after the sale.


More giftcard back - 24-30 APR. PT

$8 giftcard back for order over $298

$18 giftcard back for order over $398

$28 giftcard back for order over $598

*Please note this offer cannot be used in conjunction with ORDER NUMBER ending in 8.


5.  Flash Sale

Gift Card Flash Sale(limit one item per purchase)

22 APR. PT (FRI.)

Buy $1 Get $3 (limit 50)

$3=$5 (limit 50)

$5=$10 (limit 50)


23 APR. PT (SAT.)

Buy $95 Get $100 (limit 5)

$280=$300(limit 5)

$450=$500 (limit 5)


4x5 Costume Flash Sale (Only 1 pcs for each size/each costume)

25-29 APR. 12:00AM PT
Each day, there will be 4 costumes in Flash Sale.


e.g. REAL MATH here! John Doe’s total order amount reaches to $415. He takes part in the Flash Sale on APR. 22($5=$10)&APR. 23($280=$300). Then he placed the order in the first 8 minutes on APR 24. How much he can save?

$415-$15(discount code)-$5($5=$10 flash sale gift card)-$20($280=$300 flash sale gift card)-$18(cash back in gift card)=$357



He can save $86.56 in total!

If he lives in USA, DE, PL, FR, IT or UK, this order will apply to the $400 free shipping policy. He can save at least $100 on this order!


6. Random Free Costume(5) 25-30 APR. PT

Share your order and tag us on Instagram story. Get 1 of the lowest price item for free.
Each day, we will choose one lucky winner who can get 1 of the lowest price item in your order for free. We’ll give the full refund on that item after you receive the package. Winners will be announced via IG story.

(No quantity of items required. If you buy one item only, that would be the one you get for free.)


7.  Special offer

One free costume for Top 3 during our Anniversary Sales (Notified by Email)


Genshin Impact Maid(Hutao, Lisa, Kokomi, Eula) - Figure Stand

First 50 purchase new genshin impact maid series, get the figure stand  


Genshin Impact Maid Bundles(Hutao, Lisa, Kokomi, Eula)

$268 - 4 costumes bundle (limit 5 per day)

$320 - 4 costumes+4 wigs bundle (limit 5 per day)


Wig Special Bundles

For each wig bundle, please leave the note on the Check-Out page for the wigs.

$35: 3 wigs (limit 5 per day)

$55: 5 wigs(limit 5 per day)

$100: 10 wigs(limit 5 per day)


8.  Extra Gifts

Gift Bags - 24 APR.(SUN.) PT Only


More gifts

*Order over $200, one random pin(limit 100)

*Order over $300, , one random pin(limit 100)+one random wig

*Order over $500, one random pin(limit 100)+one random wig+one mini doll(limit 20)

Mini doll: LOL Cafe Cuties Annie or Gwen companion mini doll/Genshin Impact Hilichurl mini doll

*Please note that you can leave the note on the Check-Out page for the random wig and the mini doll. If not, well include one randomly.

 ***All the gifts will be included in your cart automatically.***

*Please note that the special bundles does not participate in any other events like free gift, giftcard back. If you order the bundle with other items, when calculate the giftcard, we will deduct the bundle amount.

The gift card rewards will be sent out after the sale. The winner list of all mentioned events will be announced on our website and our socials. Uwowo reserves the right of final interpretation. If you have any questions, please contact us via support@uwowocosplay.com or DM us on socials.

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