【Costume Introduction】Genshin Impact Mona costume details

【Costume Introduction】Genshin Impact Mona costume details

A few weeks ago we released the first version of Mona's sample costume and we received many valuable suggestions. After considering the user's opinions and the actual situation, our designer upgraded this costume. In this article, we will introduce you the details. What's more, this costume's pre-sale will starts on 27 Nov PT, the first day of our Black Friday sale.

This costume was designed by JM and JULY, let's see some photos.

Please notice: the sample costume's back ornament was based on ver.1.0 or before, in the mass production, we will make this ver:

The main part of this suit is a one-piece suit and we use elastic printed fabric. In the updated version, we changed the brown part of the chest and cup part from the printed fabric to elastic leather to enhance the visual effect and overall magnificence. The edge of the brown part was upgraded to colloidal gold sprinkling to enhance the luster.

Mona's cape is made of thick satin, with a V-shaped gradient print on the back. Golden stretch leather is used for hemming, with a small amount of cotton inside. The fur collar of the cape is soft and full, and the visual effect is very good.

The decorative ring of the neck is cut and made of black leather.The black polyester belt is in the middle of the front to fix the star accessory and there is a velcro on the back.

We have also changed the sock part of the jumpsuit. Instead of the direct print, it is replaced by a tape made of gold leather and cotton,there are pins on the head and the middle for users to adjust. If you like this part to be darker, we arranged a pair of black stockings for you, if you wear it inside, the color will be darker.



In the upgraded version, we changed the main material of gloves to purple elastic leather + elastic fabric.The edges are covered with gold leather and the inside of the gloves has a zipper.

There are many custom-made accessories in this costume: 

Another highlight is the hat. In order to restore the original design of the characters, the volume of the hat is a little larger than the ordinary hat, and the surface of the hat is peach fur.

In order to maintain the shape of the hat, there are fillers inside of the hat, and the iron wire inside the edge is convenient for styling,the outer edge is covered with gold leather.


We interviewed JM and JULY about the upgrade of the suit.

Q:This time, the main part of the one-piece suit has been upgraded. What are the considerations in this respect?
JM:Mona's costume is a one-piece jumpsuit design. In the first version, full stretch fabric + printing fabric was used because of the consideration of actual wearing and elasticity. There may be wearing problems when using non elastic fabrics.But we also understand the users requirements about the visual effects, so we replaced the middle part with elastic leather and also the surface of bra in the upgraded version. Compared with the first version, it looks much better.
Q:Can you talk about the upgrade in the leg part?
JULY: First part is the leg accessory. In the first version, we printed the patterns directly, in the upgrade ver. we used the leather to made three-dimensional decorative tape with cotton-filled inside.Some time ago, some colleagues asked why we did not make a pair of pants alone, but attached them to the jumpsuit. First of all, it will be more in line with the character model. Secondly, if we make pants alone, it may affect the aesthetics - there may be a trace on the waist of the top.
Above are the details of this costume, the pre-sale will be opened on 27 Nov. If you order Genshin Impact costume on 27 Nov PT, we will offer you a free wig. For more Black Friday sale info, please check our blog!



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Wow it’s super nice of the designers to take our feedback! Everything looks and sounds amazing I can’t wait to purchase mine!


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