【Shipping Info】Potential Shipping Delay Notice

We are sorry to inform you that due to the recent epidemic policy management requirements, Shanghai Pudong International Airport’s cargo terminal has implemented a closed time period and closed flight control policy, resulting in a serious shortage of capacity. It is expected that some flights may be delayed to varying degrees, and the specific recovery time is not certain. Affected by this, the current timeliness of orders related to Japan, the United States, the Eminem port and subsequent routes to Italy and the United Kingdom may be delayed. 



[Commercial Shipping] Take the package to Italy for example, from recent shipping records, the pakcage may only stuck in the airport for few days. There is no effect on placing orders from website.



1. The tracking info has not been updated for many days, what should I do?

Unfortunately due to the covid-19, the international transportation and local delivery will be delayed. What's more, some courier may not updated the tracking info very fast under this situation.

Here are our related suggestion:

  • Standard shipping like E-pack: shipping time can not be guaranteed. If the tracking info stop updating for 3 months, please contact us.
  • Commercial shipping: things like delay would happen, if the tracking info stop updating for 2 months, please contact us
  • Express shipping like DHL/FEDEX: things like delay would happen but this is the fastest shipping method for most area. If the tracking info stop updating for 1 month, please contact us

For more questions, please check help center or contact us.

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