【Costume Introduction】What is the most comfortable Genshin Impact Cos to wear at Cons?

【Costume Introduction】What is the most comfortable Genshin Impact Cos to wear at Cons?

The answer must be the Liyue Jacket!

In the Genshin Impact 2.1 CN Stream, three short films, "So You Also Play Genshin Impact Season 2", have generated massive buzz. It currently has two million views on Bilibili, not to be outdone by the Character PVs. And the guy wearing Liyue Jacket becomes hot topics as well.

Official Video Link: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV13Q4y1m7hj

Genshin Imapct Ads from 2.1 CN Stream

Collage Students Ordering in KFC

 ↑Mona got paid by Ningguang at KFC from Uwowo Team

The first ads video brings Genshin Impact & KFC Collab event up to the stage in March this year.  

It requires players to shout out "A Taste from Beyond!" at KFC to get the Genshin Impact & KFC Combos. The four male characters in the video shouted out in various ways by walkie-talkie, megaphone, girlfriend on the phone and little sister "Klee".

Genshin Lovers Heading to Genshin Festival 

 What happens on the way to Genshin Festival? Check this video to find out!

Liyue Jacket Fanart

You may notice that there is one actor wearing the Liyue Jacket to show his love and enthusiasm to Liyue Genshin Impact.

After the 2.1 livestream, a large number of ”Liyue Jacket” fanarts are created in Japanese Twitter community.




Liyue Jacket Meme

The similar jacket can be originated back to “China Jacket” worn by a Famous Chinese Actor, Wu Jing. Although he did not participate in any games in the Olympics, Wu Jing's memes are everywhere in the Olympics on CN social media!

The "China Jacket" memes by Wu Jing comes from the movie "Teacher Good" released in 2019. 

Wu Jing only played 20 seconds in this movie, and the "China Jakcet" memes that everyone saw were cut from these 20 seconds.

Like the "China Jakcet" memes, lots of “Liyue Jacket” memes have been used in Chinese Genshin community.

liyue jacket meme

"Do you know why the Fillet Blade coming face to face with the Musou No Hitotachi?"

"Cause it was made in Liyue"

Credit: 天道丶二十一(Bilibili)

 "Never pull from the Inazuma Weapon Banner"

"Cause I have the Liyue Big Three"


 Credit: 天道丶二十一(Bilibili)

"Why is so hard to loose weight?"


( ̄︶ ̄)↗Probably we can see you in Liyue Jacket at Cons. 

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