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Uwowo Genshin Impact "The Knave" Arlecchino Fatui Snezhnaya Cospaly Costume

Uwowo Genshin Impact "The Knave" Arlecchino Fatui Snezhnaya Cospaly Costume

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The sizes vary for different costumes. Please kindly check the size chart in the description and measure yourself carefully. Most of our costumes are in Asian Sizes, please go one size up if are not sure about the sizing. 

Our models are mainly wearing M size.

uwowo model size

* The cup may change for different costumes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The cosplay is incredible

The cosplay is magnificent. The size is perfectThe accessories are perfect (except for the bags, which are too small). Commender in pre-sale. The price is right.

adjustments needed

starting off, this is gonna be a lengthy review. i might sound like i'm nitpicking but this is just for anyone that isn't sure if they want to buy this costume or not! (and for uwowo if they want to make adjustments, lol) •⩊•

tl;dr - the costume overall is nice, some parts are either too loose (which can easily be fixed with velcro/safety pins/etc) or too tight (just be careful), and you need to make some adjustments to some parts so you don't get caught on everything (like the silver feather things on the wrist/sleeves. personally i'm adding velcro and making them stay on the sleeves so they don't flop around.) the gloves are tricky, you might need to make some adjustments at the fingers. the pants are slightly itchy at the bottom because the fabric is right up on your skin. the vision is heavy and you'll need a better way of attaching it to the jacket. the hairpiece feels very cheap and you can't tie it very tight on the ponytail (so use a bobby pin to secure it or just make a new one).

(also, i was looking at her in-game model to base my adjustments off of, and i only now realized that the vest and pants are, to an extent, too dark. just something i wanted to point out www)

so, to actually start the review, i bought a size Medium but it was still fairly tight. i have to shimmy my way into the pants and slowly roll them up to have them sit properly on my body, and the one piece is a little too short for the torso area. i'm 166 cm tall and could have bought a size Small given my other proportions but I sized up just to be sure and the costume is /still/ tight. it hasn't ripped yet as of writing this (knock on wood, i don't want to jinx it www) and i can walk just fine in it but it's the kind of tightness that i can technically still move and bend over, but i'm just so paranoid it'll snap anyways....

second issue is that it's very awkward having to tie the one piece using the ribbon-like excess around the neck...? the one piece is very form fitting and the ribbon doesn't feel strong enough to hold it up. i've tested the full outfit twice now and everytime i take it off, the one piece ends up being super low, like the neck area is down to my collarbone. the cups sit lower than they should be because of this issue, too. the good thing about this is that when i tried to pull them up i accidentally heard a snap, but the sewing seemed to be doubled so there isn't a hole where i tugged too hard... so, technically secure, but i'm still a little scared.....!

my third issue is that the inner vest is a little loose. (so the one piece is slightly to small, and the vest is too loose...) it's fixable with some safety pins in the back, but still. figured i should still mention it.
my fourth issue is that the jacket's sleeves are a bit tight around the elbows. i can't really bend my arms without some discomfort. it isnt /too/ bad but, again, figured i'd mention it for anyone else reading this. the sleeves themselves aren't tight, just the elbows. it's weird

and that's basically all of the cons...? overall, i mean, it makes sense because this isn't a custom fit, but it was still weird that some parts are SO different to one another. i had to double check if i was accidentally sent a size Small lol. one thing i'm very grateful for is that i asked them to ship it asap because i need it for a convention coming up /very/ soon and the costume arrived in just a little over a week !! so thank you for that, uwowo (..◜ᴗ◝..)

(but the gloves /really/ don't fit around the fingers... and they look so nice on the model's hands. i don't believe my hands are that small. that's the one thing about the entire costume i can't wrap my head around LOL. like the one piece being tight? yeah okay, it makes sense, it's ok i'll just be careful. the vest a little too loose? oh it's ok i can fix it. the jacket being a little tight? i'll just have my friends help me carrying stuff since my movements are limited. but the gloves??? that was the last thing i expected to have problems with, omg. anyways. i'm out, i need to go finish my adjustments lolol.)