【CosPlan Confirmed】Uwowo Genshin Impact Yelan Liyue Hydro Female Cosplay Costume

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Series: Genshin Impact

Character: Yelan

Costume status: production plan confirmed 



1. How does Uwowo confirm the costumes?

If there are enough people place the order of the cosplan costumes, Uwowo will consider to make it. Uwowo might also make some of the costumes in advance even the quantities not reached if there are designer favourites or special collaborations.

2. When will Uwowo release the confirmed costumes?

It usually takes 1~3 months depending on how complicate the costumes are.

3. Can I propose cosplay ideas?

Sure, Uwowo would love to hear from you. Please fill the form from this page-Costume Proposal. (^_−)☆

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