【Arrival Info】September 2021 Arrival Products

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The following presents the arrival dates of our September costumes, wigs and shoes. 

Some of the products showed in this page may not be in stock at the moment as we have to fulfill the previous orders first. 

Please check the related product page to find out if they are in stock. There might be delay updates for certain products. If you are not sure about this, you can inquire our online service or email us.


Sept 22/Sept 23

Genshin Impact Eula Costume

Genshin Impact Yanfei costume

Genshin Impact Yoimiya Cosplay Wig

Genshin Impact Hutao Wig

Genshin Impact Lisa Wig

Anime Overlord Albedo Cosplay White Dress Costume

Anime Overlord Albedo Cosplay Wig

FGO Fanart ver. Ishtar Demon costume

NEKOPARA Vol.1 ~La Soleil Vanilla Lingerie


Sept 19

Genshin Impact Eula shoe cover

Genshin Impact Hilichurl costume

Genshin Impact Klee Halloween Ver

LOL Gwen costume


Sept 18

Genshin Impact Liyue Jacket

Genshin Impact Yanfei costume M

Genshin Impact Chongyun wig 

Genshin Impact Beidou wig

Genshin impact Zhongli wig

Genshin Impact Diona wig

Genshin Impact Lumine wig

FGO Artoria Pendragon Bunny Ver. 

FGO Fanart Kimono ver. Ereshkigal

Hengji White Curly Lolita Wig

Hengji Lolita Wig Sweet Raspberry Brown

Hengji Lolita Wig Doll Chocolate-Vine-Gold-Linen gray-Black-Blue

Hengji Lolita Wig Double Ponytail 

Hengji Lolita Wig Peach

Love Live! School Idol Project µ's Maki Nishikino wig

002 Bodysuit head piece 

Demon Slayer Kimono Summer Festival Ver.


Sept 17

Genshin Impact Fischl costumes XL

Genshin Impact Hilichurl costume

Genshin Impact Yanfei Wig

Genshin Impact Ayaka wig

Gawr Gura Catshark outfit

Gawr Gura Swimsuit

LOL Riven wig

Combat Maid Club wig

Princess Connect! Re:Dive Pecoline/Pecorine Eustiana von Astraea Dress

Demon Slayer Coat/Uniform

Demon Slayer Shinobu Kocho Cosplay Wig

Nakahara Chuya chuuya Cosplay Costume

Uma Musume Summer School Uniform 

Uma Musume Headdress

Jujutsu wig and costumes

Love is War Shinomiya Kaguya Cosplay Wig 


Sept 16

Genshin impact Vision Badges

Genshin impact Yoimiya wig

Genshin impact Zhongli wig

Demon Slayer Shinobu Kocho wig

Demon Slayer Sword Props

FGO Fanart Cheongsam Ver. Minamoto no Raikou Cosplay Wig

Fate/Stay Night HF III. spring song Saber Dress Cosplay Costume

Fate/Stay Night HF III. spring song Sakura Matou Dress

BINDing Uzuki Momo Wig

LOL Star Guardian Soraka costume

Nier: Automata 2B Cheongsam Fanart ver. 

Anime Beastars Haru Cosplay Costume Uniform


Sept 15

Genshin Impact Fischl shoes

Genshin Impact Rosaria shoes

Genshin Impact Yanfei shoes

Genshin Impact Eula shoes

Genshin Impact Jean Swimsuit shoes


Sept 14

Genshin Impact Mona costume accs

Genshin Impact Mona wig

Genshin Impact Diluc wig

Genshin Impact Jean wig

Overlord Albedo accs

FGO Artoria Bunny suit

FGO Eresh Angle

FGO Fanart Cheongsam Ver. Minamoto no Raikou Cosplay Wig

Combat Maid Club wig

Combat Maid Heart wig

LOL Soraka wig

LOL Zyra wig

LOL Spirit Blossom Kindred wig

 Azur Lane Kaga wig

Demon Slayer Doujin Kanroji Mitsuri Bunny Version wig


Sept 13

Genshin Impact Fischl costumes XL

Genshin Impact Ganyu costumes

Genshin Impact Xiangling casual outifit costumes

FGO Fanart Shuten Douji Cheongsam costume


Sept 11

Genshin Impact Mona wig

Genshin Impact Chongyun wig

FGO Shuten Douji Wig


Sept 10

Genshin Impact Traveler Lumine wig

Anime Jujutsu Kaisen Mahito Wig

FGO Artoria Pendragon Alter(Lancer) Bunny Girl Ver. Cosplay Wig


Sept 9

Genshin Impact Fischl costumes S, M &L

Genshin Impact Eula shoe cover

FGO Fanart Angel Ver Eresh


Sept 7

Genshin Impact Barbara swimsuits

FGO Fanart Cheongsam Ver. Minamoto no Raikou


Sept 6

Genshin Impact Fischl costumes S&L

Genshin Impact Rosaria costumes S

Genshin Impact Xiangling wig

Genshin Impact Rosaria wig

Chuya Nakahara costume S

Nekopara Vanilla costume #1023 S

Nekopara Vol.4 Vanilla L

Withered Rose Syndra Cosplay Wig


Sept 4

Genshin Impact Eula shoe cover M

Genshin Impact Xiangling casual outfit

Genshin Impact Jean swimsuit shoes

Genshin Impact Eula shoes

Genshin Impact Yanfei shoes

Genshin Impact Fischl shoes

Demon Slayer Kocho Shinobu Bunny Ver wig


Sept 3

Genshin Impact Lisa shoes

Genshin Impact Ganyu shoes

Genshin Impact Xiangling shoes

Nekopara Vol.4 Vanilla

Nekopara Vol.4 Chocola

FGO Sakiyamama Ishtar Bunny

Nekopara Vanilla wig

Princess Connect! Re:Dive Kyaru wig


Sept 2

Genshin Impact Mona costumes L

Genshin Impact Fischl costumes S&M

Genshin Impact Rosaria costumes

Genshin Impact Mona shoes

Genshin Impact Jean shoes

Genshin Impact Diluc shoes

Genshin Impact Xiangling shoes

Nier 2B cheongsam

FGO Sakiyamama Jeanne d'Arc Bunny

Azur Lane Unicorn Costume

Rem pajama M


Sept 1

Genshin Impact Rosaria costumes

Genshin Impact Rosaria wig

Genshin Impact Hutao wig

FGO Ishtar maid


The products haven’t been mentioned are still on the way and we will provide updated notices on the related product page or our social media. Once the costumes are in stock, your package will be processed within 48 hours. We will send you a shipping confirmation email with tracking number. If not, please contact us.

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